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Barbara Baur

 Journey by Water      Masters of Fine Art Exhibition 2017

Since early civilization, humanity has traveled on the water by harnessing the wind.  In my work, I have created jewelry using abstracted forms of sailing vessels. These forms interact with the wearer’s body with the suggestion of how a vessel interacts with a body of water and the wind.


I make this work using computer design software to create virtual forms that are independent of material considerations. The forms are then refined for 3D printing technology, mold making and traditional techniques such as lost wax casting. Color is applied before the final assembly of metal and 3D printed components into a piece of jewelry.


Having spent more than a decade living on a sailboat, I feel a personal connection to life on the water and the way in which it surrounds our planet. I see beauty in the many forms of sailing vessels from ancient times to the present and seek to honor the history of our ancestors' journey by water.

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